Ways to Help Animals

Your heart wants to help, but you’re not able to bring an animal into your home.  If you think that means you can’t help then you’re wrong.  There are many ways you can make the world a safer place for animals.


This is one of the most important ways to help animals.  No matter how many animals are adopted, more will come if we don’t change the way people view animals.  Rescue work is about ending the need for rescue work.  You can help to change those views by talking about animals.  Check with your local animal shelter to see if they have an educational program set up.  Also, find out if there are any animal rescue organizations in your area.  Chances are that they will be looking for volunteers to help hand out educational material, visits schools or participate in other ways to get the message out that animals are not disposable.  Chat with others at local parks, veterinarian offices, and open-air markets.  The more people you can reach, the more help you give the animals.



Money is always welcomed by shelters and rescues.  There are always items to buy.  Many rescue facilities will have a 501(c)(3) exemption so that your donation is tax deductible.  Cash donations allow the facility to put the funds to areas of greatest need.  If you prefer to donate items, please check with the facility first.  Many will have a wish list on their website that details needed items.  While all thoughts are appreciated, it can cause storage problems when numerous unneeded items are received.


If financial support isn’t possible, there is another type of donation that is equally precious:  your time.  Most rescue organizations are run by volunteers.  Without you, they cannot continue saving animals.  While some of the hands-on animal work may require special training, anyone can help with educational or fundraiser mailings, sorting donations, and cleaning.  Contact your local organizations to see how you can help.  Those with special skills, such as accountants, computer technicians, graphic artists, and fundraisers are especially helpful.


Everyone has something to offer.  If you’re motivated, your local organizations can guide you.  The internet is a great place to begin your search for local animal rescuers. While local shelters may take in only dogs and cats, there are numerous species or breed specific rescues in each state.  Find one that speaks to you and offer your help.  Whether the gift comes from your wallet or your heart, it is appreciated.


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